750 Watts Antec HCG-750M ATX 2.91 High Current Gamer Modulaire


Antec’s HCG M power supplies are the perfect combination of power and efficiency. The HCG M 
features special heavy-duty High Current connectors and cabling that supply extreme levels of power, 
and superb efficiency thanks to 80 PLUS® BRONZE certification and Active PFC. HCG M’s innovative 16-
pin sockets create a new level of flexibility by doubling the modular connectivity, supporting two 
different 8-pins connectors and even future connectors of 10, 12, 14 or 16-pins. Highest-quality 
connectors, Japanese-brand capacitors, and a quiet 135 mm double ball bearing fan complete the 
package. CircuitShield™ makes the HCG-750M safe and reliable in any environment with its seven 
industrial-grade protections.
The connectors and power specifications of the HCG-750M PSU are all compatible with ATX12V v2.32 
and EPS12V v2.92 specifications. The HCG-750M features Universal Input, which automatically senses 
when you connect the power supply to any AC power source between 100 - 240V without setting a 
voltage switch. This power supply also features Active Power Factor Correction (PFC), which improves 
the power factor value of the power supply by altering the input current wave shape, helping to power 
transmission across the grid. 
A variety of industrial-grade safety circuitry will help protect your computer: Over Current Protection 
(OCP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Under Voltage Protection (UVP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), 
Over Power Protection (OPP), Over Temparature Protection (OTP) & Surge & Inrush Protection (SIP). 
Sometimes the PSU will “latch” into a protected state. You will need to power off the PSU and clear the 
fault before it will function again. There are no user-replaceable fuses in your HCG-750M.

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750 Watts Antec HCG-750M ATX 2.91 High Current Gamer Modulaire
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